Monday, March 2, 2015

60- Game Power Rankings

1- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (47-18)- 1.24- Top pitching again, strong defense, though the offense has been up and down.
2- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (45-20)- 2.24- Best team in Hobbs since Dakar was accused of tanking. Best roster.
3- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (42-23)- 3.29- Their run differential says they will start winning again.
4- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (38-27)- 5.06- An offensive explosion has matched their #3 roster rating. The wins will come in bunches soon.
5- Boise Spuds (AL) (44-21)- 5.82- Had the best record for most of the first third of the season. The pleasant surprise of the season.
6- Durham Bulls (NL) (36-29)- 7.50- Super solid across the board, top 10 in every category. Could use a change of divisions.
7- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (34-31)- 11.35- Only 3 over is good enough for 1st place in the AL South
8- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (39-26)- 11.35- Rebuild over. These guys are for real.
9- Chicago Orphans (NL) (35-30)- 11.41- Would make the playoffs if they started today.
10- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (33-32)- 11.65- Along with Vancouver, the unluckiest teams so far, the record should catch up with the roster and run differential
11- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (34-31)- 11.82- Numbers down across the board. Will they rejoin the elite?
12- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (36-29)- 11.85- Playing much better than then my projections. The Sacramento of last season.
13- Houston Hitmen (NL) (34-31)- 12.76- 4th in ERA, 7th in run differential, I'd be shocked if their record doesn't improve.
14- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (35-30)- 14.24- Scoring runs in bunches, but a pitching staff lead by J.C. Piscotty is holding them back
15- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (35-30)- 15.65- 4th in runs scored, but their pitching is holding them back
16- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (33-32)- 16.24- The pitching is there. 3rd in ERA, above average defense, just need one more thing. . .
17- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (31-34)- 18.50- Significantly better than last season. Near league worse pitching last season is now above average
18- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (31-34)- 18.97- Baltimore is really struggling. Their record actually well above what their 5th worst run differential says it should be.
19- Sacramento Maters (NL) (30-35)- 20.29- Not replicating their success last season. Pretty much playing to their roster and RD.
20- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (29-36)- 20.47- Trever Springer and Dustin McGee are keeping 
them in contention
21- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (33-32)- 20.47- Outplaying their underlying numbers. They added a ton of cheap vets at the end of FA and in spring training. Maybe its their leadership?
22- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (30-35)- 22.18- Improved record, minors are rocking, things are improving in Honolulu
23- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (27-38)- 22.71- The bad version of VAN and PAW. Their underlying numbers say they are a .500 team.
24- San Juan Padres (NL) (30-35)- 22.88- Terry Taylor has an OPS of 1.234!
25- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (26-39)- 23.03- Sammy Morales is one of the league's best closers this season.
26- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (25-40)- 23.35- Has accumulated some nice talent in the rebuild. Just needs to add pitching.
27- Florida TIGERS (AL) (29-36)- 25.18- Weirdly they have the best plus/minus ratio, but lead the league in errors.
28- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (29-36)- 25.41- They say walking is an excellent exercise. The Erffdoggs must be in tremendous shape as they already have amassed 301 walks.
29- Burlington Dark Monsters (AL) (23-42)- 26.94- New owner, same results so far, although they are putting together a scary crop of prospects
30- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (22-43)- 27.00- Pitching staff got into trouble early. Only recently has started to play up to their capabilities.
31- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (26-39)- 27.97- Rebuild is slower going than expected.
32- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (19-46)- 29.41- Got excellent value for their stud starters.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Season 26 Opening Day Power Rankings

Rank- Team- (Proj W/L)

1- Kansas City (110-52)- Off-season acquisitions boost them into the number 1 spot.
2- Jacksonville (108-54) Same roster as last season should produce about the same result.
3- Las Vegas (107-55) As predicted by Mongoose, down slightly from last season.
4- Pawtucket (101-61) Solid everywhere, this could be their season.
5- Vancouver (99-63) Vancouver takes a big leap. They are clearly part of the elite now.
6- Nashville (87-75) Best of the rest anyone from this point would be a surprise WS winner.
7- Jackson (86-76) Tommy Webster and a deep stable of pitchers should lead Jackson to the playoffs
8- Durham (86-76) Unlikely to crack the top 5, but solidly in next set of teams
9- Cincinnati (85-77) Quiet off-season has them above average, but again on the cusp of the playoffs.
10- Boise (85-77) The hitting is there, but will need the pitching to over perform to challenge the best teams
11- New Orleans (84-78) Blanche has them ready for the big time.
12- Cheyenne (83-79) Kevin Hilldenbrand and Nicky Cooke lead a decent team that may be down just a little
13- Baltimore (81-81) A top 5 pitching staff makes them always a threat for the playoffs
14- Houston (80-82) While they have pushed Jacksonville to the limit each of the last 2 seasons, they are now the league's most balanced team
15- Trenton (80-82) Hopefully Trenton's big league squad plays well, as there is very little talent on the way.
16- Little Rock (79-83) Added a number of vets to make themselves competitive.
17- Burlington (79-83) Decent you talent for the new owner to build around. The ML roster is pretty average.
18- Sacramento (78-84) The numbers didn't like them last season, but they made the playoffs. We will see who is right now.
19- Chicago (77-85) Has the top end talent to match Vegas and KC, but lacks the depth to compete. Still, they seem on an up swing
20- Dover (75-87) Has added a lot of young talent and seems well into the rebuild.
21- Honolulu (75-87) Its -17 here. I wish I was there.
22- Los Angeles (74-88) Seems unlikely to repeat the failures of last season.
23- Buffalo (74-88) Played well last season, may struggle more this season.
24- San Juan (74-88) Lead by nice young pitching, San Juan lacks top line talent elsewhere.
25- San Francisco (72-90) Deepest minor leagues in Roy Hobbs. Lacks a superstar, but multiple all-stars on the farm.
26- Florida (71-91) Really lacks talent at all levels.
27- Scottsdale (72-90) Huge additions to the ML squad make me think this number is low.
28- Richmond (69-93) Best young talent in Hobbs. SF has a deeper pool, but Richmond's is better
29- San Diego (67-95) Alex Harrelson and Blake Maxwell are quite good, but the talent drops sharply from there.
30- Philadelphia (66-96) The pitching is getting close, but may struggle to score runs.
31- Santa Fe (65-97) Ken Woods may get dealt early as my numbers say Santa Fe will struggle to stay in games.
32- Syracuse (64-98) Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Future Rankings

City Score
Richmond 12
San Francisco 11
New Orleans 10
Baltimore 9.5
Scottsdale 9.5
Burlington 8.5
Kansas City 8
Little Rock 7.5
Chicago 7.5
Jacksonville 7
Las Vegas 6.5
Cheyenne 6
Dover 6
Los Angeles 6
San Juan 6
Philadelphia 6
Buffalo 5.5
Honolulu 5
San Diego 5
Jackson 4.5
Durham 4.5
Florida 4.5
Vancouver 4
Boise 4
Pawtucket 3.5
Houston 3
Sacramento 3
Trenton 2.5
Santa Fe 2.5
Nashville 2
Cincinnati 2
Syracuse 0.5

Saturday, January 10, 2015

After 25.... Revised Franchise Rankings

1 (1)- Dover Rabid Dogs- 104

2 (2)- Kansas City Jayhawks- 74 (+3)

3 (3)- Durham Bulls- 64 (+2)

4 (4)- Baltimore Buushwackers- 62 (+1)

5 (11)- Las Vegas Desperados- 60 (+12)

6 (5)- Nashville BootLeggers- 59 (+3)

7 (5)- Honolulu Hurricanes- 56

8 (7)- Vancouver Voodoo- 54 (+2)

9 (8)- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers- 50

9 (8)- Philadelphia Erffdoggs- 50

9 (10)- Chicago Orphans- 50 (+1)

12 (12)- Syracuse Shockers- 47

13 (13)- Richmond Fire Blitz- 45 (+1)

13 (13)- Jackson Mudslide- 45 (+1)

15 (15)- Los Angeles Lothbroks- 37

16 (16)- Cincinnati Red Bowties- 36 (+1)

17 (17)- San Francisco Gothams- 34

18 (18)- Sante Fe Fire- 31

19 (19)- Charlotte Charlotteans- 26 (+2)

20 (24)- Jacksonville See You Now- 25 (+9)

21 (22)- Pawtucket Griffins- 23 (+4)

22 (20)- New Britain Red Coats- 22

22 (20)- San Juan Padres- 22

24 (23)- New Orleans Big Test Icicles- 18

25 (26)- Cheyenne Feather Heads- 17 (+3)

26 (24)- Trenton Fishermen- 16

27 (27)- Sacramento Maters- 14 (+2)

28 (28)- Buffalo- 13 (+2)

29 (29)- Florida TIGERS- 9

29 (29)- San Diego Surf Sharks- 9

31 (31)- Boise Spuds- 5 (+1)

32 (32)- Little Rock and Rollers- 4

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Regular Season Power Rankings

1- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (119-43)- I'd love to jinx someone else, but when you establish a new wins record, break the era record by .18 and lead the league in fielding percentage you are the favorite.

2- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (116-46)- 1148 runs is more than even I had guessed. That's over 7 runs a game, and the most in league history. Would have fallen 1 short of the wins record if not for Jacksonville.

3- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (108-54)- A balanced attack from a perfect team. 2nd in offense and no lower than 4th any major category.

4- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (104-58)- Dominate force in the NL with just one weakness: the bullpen. Had almost as many blown saves as Jax, Vegas, and KC combined.

5- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (102-60)- WC1 in the NL, Cheyenne was 5th in runs scored. Nicky Cooke was all world with .331 37 117.

6- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (96-66)- In the playoffs again, has 2 Cy Young candidates: Kurt Esposito and Horacio Moya

7- Sacramento Maters (NL) (94-68)- Didn't I tell you knine was tremendous. MWR casualty to 94 game winner in one season.

8- Durham Bulls (NL) (95-67)- WC #1 in the NL with their second consecutive 95 win season. Always plays JAX tough so he scares me.

9- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (90-72)- Boy it sure didn't take Cyben long to turn them in to WC#2. Had the second best pitching too!

10- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (89-73)- Omar Gutierrez had a season for the ages. Will it be enough to lead the #3 seed past powerful Vegas and complete KC?

11- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (87-75)- Building talent with heavy prospect spending and a winning record at every level by Rookie ball. Will next season be the break out year?

12- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (86-76)- Despite being loud in the forum, Cincinnati just record it 3 straight season of win total growth.

13- Boise Spuds (AL) (86-76)- 17 win improvement gives them the most wins for this franchise since season 2

14- Chicago Orphans (NL) (82-80) After 5 seasons lost in the woods Chicago seems ready to make it back to the playoffs next season.

15- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (82-80) Middle-of-the-road season despite Tommy Webster's efforts otherwise (.915 OPS and 50 steals)

16- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (83-79) Not a great season, but good enough to make the playoffs.

17- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (77-85) Will Angel Cruz's .904 OPS and 52 steals season convince voters to ignore Brewington's 50-40 season?

18- San Juan Padres (NL) (73-89) Had a tough season despite RotY candidate Benito Seanez's .307 and 40 in only 121 games.

19- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (79-83) Did they W11 themselves out of a decent draft pick?

20- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (73-89) Threatened to contend for a large portion of the season and then fell back to where the ML talent said they should be. Will be ready to win their division next season.

21- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (71-91) Lead the league in + plays. Not only is their record better than last season, but the underlying numbers are MUCH better.

22- Florida TIGERS (AL) (69-93) Fourth losing season in a row. Hopefully the talent accumulating in the minors will overcome that next season.

23- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (70-92)- This is what gets you in the playoffs in the weaker American League :)
24- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (64-98) Team lost 15 more than last season, but was active and has dominate teams in the lower minors so the franchise may be heading in the right direction.

25- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (69-93) Vegas, KC, and Jax all breathed a sigh of relief when the champs and their 2 headed monster we eliminated from the playoffs.

26- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (66-96) Stated the rebuild this season still had pieces to move, but is making excellent progress towards bring the franchise back to relevancy.

27- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (65-97) Big salary, declining record. Hard to see the plan form the outside.

28- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (63-99) Played almost .500 ball after their 5-33 start. Remarkable comeback actually.

29- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (65-97) Unfortunately got more attention for winning 117 in the past than anything he did this season.

30- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (60-102) Fell off at the end, but I think they had enough success to come back and continue to build a winner

31- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (55-107) Only NB's late season collapse prevented them from being team #32.

32- New Britain Red Coats (AL) (54-108) We will all miss dbird. Talent wise this franchise was coming around, but the record does not reflect that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3rd Qtr Power Rankings

Team (Record) (Last Quarter)- Score

1-Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (88-31) (24-11)- 1.588235294

2-Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (89-30) (27-8)- 1.607843137

3-Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (81-38) (25-10)- 3.019607843

4-Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (77-42) (22-13)- 3.784313725

5-Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (74-45) (24-11)- 5.490196078

6-Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (68-51) (17-18)- 7.176470588

7-Durham Bulls (NL) (74-45) (23-12)- 8.196078431

8-Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (65-54) (18-17)- 9.490196078

9-Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (67-52) (19-16)- 10.33333333

10-Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (64-55) (23-12)- 10.70588235

11-Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (66-53) (3-12)- 11.41176471

12-Sacramento Maters (NL) (65-54) (16-19)- 12.60784314

13-Chicago Orphans (NL) (63-56) (19-16)- 13.92156863

14-Jackson Mudslide (AL) (64-55) (20-15)- 14.05882353

15-Boise Spuds (AL) (60-59) (17-16)- 15.19607843

16-Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (61-58) (16-19)- 16.41176471

17-San Francisco Gothams (NL) (56-63) (12-23)- 16.78431373

18-Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (57-62) (13-22)- 18.82352941

19-San Juan Padres (NL) (55-64) (16-17)- 19.09803922

20-New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (54-65) (12-23)- 21.45098039

21-San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (53-66) (13-22)- 22.90196078

22-Syracuse Shockers (AL) (50-69) (18-17)- 23.02941176

23-Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (54-65) (18-17)- 23.76470588

24-Santa Fe Fire (NL) (46-73) (14-21)- 24.19607843

25-Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (49-70) (11-24)- 24.60784314

26-Florida TIGERS (AL) (48-71) (11-24)- 24.92156863

27-Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (45-74) (14-21)- 25.15686275

28-Trenton Fishermen (AL) (42-77) (16-17)- 25.60784314

29-Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (45-74) (14-21)- 26.62745098
30-Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (44-75) (13-22)- 27.29411765

31-New Britain Red Coats (AL) (40-79) (16-17)- 29.20588235

32-Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (40-79) (13-22)- 31.49019608

Saturday, November 29, 2014

2nd Qtr Power Rankings

1- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (64-20) (37-11)- 3rd most runs to go with the pitching staff Hobbs has ever seen according to team ERA

2- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (62-22) (35-13)- 6.92 runs a game. On pace for over 1100 runs. Few runs surrendered in the AL

3- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (56-28) (31-17)- 2nd best in the AL at everything. Jorge Lunar is killing it!

4- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (55-29) (33-15)- After a so-so first quarter (for them) they really kicked into gear

5- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (51-33) (28-20)- 5-5 vs. Jacksonville (everyone else is 15-59)

6- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (50-34) (29-19)- Cheyenne has played well despite the picketers 

7- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (47-37) (28-20)- Corban Chiasson has already recorded over 141 innings

8- Durham Bulls (NL) (51-33) (34-14)- After a sub .500 open they have stormed to the WC #1

9- Sacramento Maters (NL) (49-35) (26-22)- They have been a little off lately, but they still have a 5 game lead in the NL West

10- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (44-40) (25-23)- Top 4 offense caries them to consistently good quarters

11- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (48-36) (29-19) Amazing turn around from last season

12- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (44-40) (28-20) Best +- in the league has them hanging in the playoff race

13- Chicago Orphans (NL) (44-40) (30-18)- Rising from the ashes, Chicago's David James and Mule Meek lead the charge

14- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (41-43) (18-30)- Unexpected complete collapse of a good team. 7th worst in the 2nd quarter

15- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (45-39) (26-22)- Claim to be rebuilding despite a 6 game division lead

16- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (43-41) (27-21) Roy Barkley has 44 SB's on 44 attempts

17- Boise Spuds (AL) (42-42) (23-25)- They come into these rankings as the hottest team in Hobbs (W7)

18- San Juan Padres (NL) (39-45) (25-23)- Gorks Rondon is on pace for 15 wins despite having only pitched for 56 innings

19- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (44-40) (20-28) Don't laugh, in the AL East this record is good enough for a 12 game lead

20- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (42-42) (22-26)- Likely 4 all-stars despite so-so record.

21- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (31-53) (20-28)- Despite trades their roster still says they should be better

22- Florida TIGERS (AL) (37-47) (20-28)- Don't try to steal 2nd on the TIGERS, it will not end well
23- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (40-44) (23-25) Del Cabrera is Mr. Automatic and SD is playing the best baseball they have in 5 seasons.

24- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (32-52) (15-33)- Ken Woods has 66 walks against only 19 strikeouts. Amazing.
25- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (31-53) (25-23)- After a tough, tough first quarter they rebounded to have a winning record over the last 48

26- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (36-48) (21-27)- Too bad dakar made him break up the OBP filled Erffdoggs of seasons past

27- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (32-52) (16-32) It would be shocking if the defending champs even made the playoffs at this point

28- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (31-53) (14-34) 13 game losing streak didn't help. They just don't have enough top line talent

29- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (26-58) (14-34)- Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Trenton.

30- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (36-48) (19-29)- After showing signs of life in the first quarter they seem to be slipping.

31- New Britain Red Coats (AL) (24-60) (13-35)- Worst record in the 2nd quarter and worst record overall

32- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (27-57) (15-33)- A little better in the 2nd quarter, but not much

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

40-Game (ish) Power Rankings

1- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (27-9)- Simply the best. The unquestioned leader.

2- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (27-9)- The Hobbs record for team ERA is 3.08 in season 1 (Vancouver). Jacksonville may flirt with the record.

3- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (25-11)- Just a notch below the top two. Hitting like crazy.

4- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (22-14)- After a tough start they are playing as well anyone.

5- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (23-13)- He may hate the song, but he loves winning

6- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (23-13)- A somewhat surprising start, but they are maintaining their fast start.

7- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (19-17)- Balanced attack as the #7 team.

8- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (24-12)- Pitching has been impressive.

9- Sacramento Maters (NL) (23-13)- Told you knine was good at HBD. The pitching is unbelievable so far.

10- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (21-15)- Always good at everything, always in the top 10.

11- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (19-17)- Always decent because they can always hit.

12- Boise Spuds (AL) (19-17)- Needs to improve fielding to move up the ranking.

13- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (19-17)- Seems to be ready to start a rebuild.

14- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (19-17)- Amazingly quick turn around has them decent at all aspects of the game.

15- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (20-16)- Young, slick fielding, and already in playoff contention. Blanch the Builder!

16- Durham Bulls (NL) (17-19)- Lucky to be this high with a 5.74 team era

17- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (17-19)- The pitching has a way to go, but the bats are impressive so far.

18- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (17-19)- If they can hit a little better they can get back in contention

19- Florida TIGERS (AL) (17-19)- Clayton Byrne is off to an impressive start.

20- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (16-20)- Last years champs need to get it going soon to repeat.

21- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (17-19)- Kaden's million small moves seem to be helping. Needs to improve the pitching.

22- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (16-20)- Solid fielding team is struggling a little bit everywhere else.

23- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (12-24)- Enrique Nunez has a weird line. 4/4 on saves, but a 9.00 era.

24- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (17-19)- The rebuild is showing signs of life! Decent record and the young players have arrived.

25- Chicago Orphans (NL) (14-22)- Everyday I create a new fake Mule Meek trade :)

26- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (17-19)- Just can't score runs.

27- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (11-25)- Fully into rebuild mode. The owner works hard so it should be a quick one.

28- San Juan Padres (NL) (14-22)- Can an Alfredo Payton trade be far away? He's d make sense in Cincinnati. 

29- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (15-21)- Don't blame Wladimir Ozuna!

30- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (6-30)- There roster isn't good, but its not this bad either.

31- New Britain Red Coats (AL) (11-25)- Dbird must have thought the rebuild would be going better than this.

32- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (12-24)- I love St Nick, but things are not going well.